Sunday, February 24, 2008


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Okay, blogging has been requested so I will try and jot something down before I'm beckoned once more by my lovely son.

Since we have gone to Seattle in mid January, Donovan has lost more hair. I miss it but it is growing back slowly but steadily, and it remains dark. YAY!

He has found his hands, and they have found their way to the mouth. He is quite the drool monster, making the front of his shirts eternally wet/soaked. I'm afraid we will see teething soon, especially since lately he is gnawing his pacifier instead of sucking.

He loves his Bumbo chair and sits in it very well, and I have just introduced the exersaucer, which he also enjoys. His feet barely touch the bottom and I have to kind of pad him around the middle so that he doesn't head bang himself into the tray, but he gets so excited about it and it keeps him entertained for a good amount of time.

He is currently going through a growth spurt since he is eating about every two hours, which is lovely. He is not yet sleeping through the night, nor is he in his nursery yet, but we are trying!

He is smiling everyday and I have elicited a few laughs, but it takes some effort. He has just gotten over a cold, which was GREAT since he never slept more than forty five minutes and it was only while I was holding him. He is quite the charmer at church and is passed around frequently.

We are looking forward to our trip to Berlin, NY in March and a visit from Grandma Inabnit, Uncle Nate, Uncle Chris and "Auntie" Carlie.

Pictures will follow.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


(Sorry, the perspectives on this story change back and forth from Dvan to Heather without warning)

This year we spent Christmas at home, with the Parker/Mackintosh clan. Christmas Eve we went to church for a service and then we all headed over to G and G Parkers for Chili and Chicken Noodle Soup dinner. We then exchanged our gifts from our Secret Santa and gave the kids their presents from the aunts and uncles. Donovan got a Baby Bjorn (baby carrier), a Leap Frog musical caterpillar and a baby photo album that has waterproof pages to put pictures in for him to look at, when Mommy finally puts in some pictures! We'll put some pictures of Daddy in there before we go to Seattle to visit Grandmas and Grandpas. Mommy got a wooden plaque that says, "Be Careful How You Address the Queen", and a Chili's gift card. We also received an Applebees gift card, an Outback gift card and a Wii game. For Christmas Mommy got a Nintendo DS from Daddy and Grandma Inabnit has a Tetris game waiting for her in Seattle. Daddy got some Eddie Bauer slippers and a suede pullover, and a book from Mommy. Of course before Mommy could go to bed on Christmas Eve she had to make her Sweet Potato Mallow dish for the Christmas lunch the next day, she didn't get to bed until after midnight.

Christmas Day we woke up to lots of snow, not there the night before, and made our way to Great Grandma Rood's for a Christmas breakfast and to do our stockings. After the stockings were opened and Grandma Rood opened her gifts, we all headed over to the Boulder church to have a our WHOLE family gathering. We had to go to the church because that was the only place that would hold us all. All of the Roods were there except for Grandpa Dale and Grandma Althea. All 14 (12 plus the two buns in the ovens) of Great Grandma Rood's great grandchildren were there and we had a picture taken with her, although Donovan was screaming bloody murder because he was hungry and everyone and there mom wanted to take a picture. He also got his picture taken with Santa, aka Grandpa Parker. Daddy and Mommy played a rousing game of IDI (I doubt it, aka BS, we didn't think BS was appropriate considering the company) with Uncle Brandon, and Josiah and Amberle Thorngate, also a part of the holiday festivities. After having a huge feast we did a white elephant among the adults and we all soon realized that Grandma Alice Parker has a lot of junk lying around her house.

After the white elephant the party died pretty quickly and as soon as things were cleaned up we went back to Great Grandma Rood's house. Daddy and Dusty played the Wii and Mommy and Anna and Arabelle hung out. We headed home around eight and it was still snowing. We drove around hoping a restaurant was open because there wasn't really anything at home since the fridge has broken down (again). The only place open was Walgreens so we got a frozen pizza and a battery for our beeping smoke detector. One stop shopping. We ended the night watching Keeping the Faith and finally headed to bed. We had one busy Christmas!

Cousin Kayleigh and Cousin Logan decorating Dusty/Anna/Logan birthday cupcakes.

Would you like some cupcake with your sprinkles?

Mommy found the silly kitty in my stroller. She'll sleep anywhere!

We dubbed her "Santa Anna", huh, get it?

Unwrapping our Bjorn.

Watching Grandpa Parker, with cousin Josiah's help, open our gift to them. They got a picture of us in a frame.

This is what we got cousin Kayleigh for Christmas.

This is what we woke up to Christmas morning. My and Mommy's first white Christmas.

Mommy took pictures of bunny tracks in the snow at Great Grandma Rood's house. She's a sucker for little animals.

My silly Daddy, Uncle Dusty and Uncle Brandon on "Santa's" aka Grandpa Parker's lap on Christmas Day.

Our pretty Christmas tree!

"Donovan's" Christmas gift from Auntie Anna and Uncle Dusty. He's not supposed to face forward yet, but we were just trying it out. He'll like it better when he can face out, he's still pretty iffy about doing it the other way, but hopefully he'll get used to it!

This was totally not posed. They were both sleeping in the same position!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Pro Xmas Pics

I love this picture!

He's already easily distracted!

One of the Xmas pics taken.

My Everyday

Sleeping with Mommy.

Daddy didn't know his picture was being taken.

Bathing for the first time in my bathtub.

My faux hawk!

My Daddy loves me.

My Mommy's lifesaver, the swing.

No flash photography please!

All bundled up to go out in the snow.

Chilling out with my Grandpa Hemminger.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanksgiving was a big event (although Mommy took no pictures on that day because she was making food and super busy). The most exciting thing though was meeting my Grandma and Grandpa Inabnit and Grandma and Grandpa Rood. I also met my Uncle Nate who is super cool and bought me my crib!

This is my Grandma Inabnit, she's so pretty.

This is my Grandpa Inabnit.

I like his yellow sweater!

My Uncle Nate is super cool.

Me in my Grandma Inabnit's arms.

Grandma Rood changing my diaper.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hanging out at home


Me and Daddy watching football.




My favorite pose, PRAISE JESUS!


Reading with my Mommy.
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