Sunday, February 24, 2008


Okay, blogging has been requested so I will try and jot something down before I'm beckoned once more by my lovely son.

Since we have gone to Seattle in mid January, Donovan has lost more hair. I miss it but it is growing back slowly but steadily, and it remains dark. YAY!

He has found his hands, and they have found their way to the mouth. He is quite the drool monster, making the front of his shirts eternally wet/soaked. I'm afraid we will see teething soon, especially since lately he is gnawing his pacifier instead of sucking.

He loves his Bumbo chair and sits in it very well, and I have just introduced the exersaucer, which he also enjoys. His feet barely touch the bottom and I have to kind of pad him around the middle so that he doesn't head bang himself into the tray, but he gets so excited about it and it keeps him entertained for a good amount of time.

He is currently going through a growth spurt since he is eating about every two hours, which is lovely. He is not yet sleeping through the night, nor is he in his nursery yet, but we are trying!

He is smiling everyday and I have elicited a few laughs, but it takes some effort. He has just gotten over a cold, which was GREAT since he never slept more than forty five minutes and it was only while I was holding him. He is quite the charmer at church and is passed around frequently.

We are looking forward to our trip to Berlin, NY in March and a visit from Grandma Inabnit, Uncle Nate, Uncle Chris and "Auntie" Carlie.

Pictures will follow.

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